The Beth Din, or Beit Din, is the Rabbinical Court that has been the basis of Jewish law and living throughout history and around the globe. Procedures and decisions based on the Torah, Talmud, and the great body of Halachic law are the guarantee of continued Jewish communal life.

The West Coast Rabbinical Court, headed by HaRav Gavriel Cohen is authorized to handle all matters of Jewish religious law and is designated by the State of Israel to serve the western United States, Canada, Mexico and the Far East in matters of Halacha (Jewish law).  Whether you need Brit Milah, Marriage, Counseling, Ravakut, Conversion, Kashrut Certification, Arbitration, or Divorce, we can help you.  As the population is diverse, we can render our services fluently in 8 languages thus creating an efficient network with most communities worldwide - Israel, Europe and the Far East.  We are also able to perform tasks in the appropriate nusach (i.e. Sefardi, Ashkenaz) as required by halachah by Rav Elyashiv zt”l and all Gedolei Hador.